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Portrait of Marek Jablonski

It's always so difficult to take a photo of the sketches after they are done because the camera makes it look a little bit distorted, trying to sketch a picture taken of someone never ends up exactly the same, and one never completely looks like the photos taken of them...

What is real then? What matters?

I discovered Marek Jablonski about a year ago through an incredible teacher (who I will not name here just in case it's not wanted) who showed me Jablonski's recording of the Schubert Sonata in G major D. 894 (which I later also decided to learn) on YouTube and I remembered feeling utterly awestruck. I could not imagine that music could sound like that, and that playing music like that was within human possibility. The music was so pure and it was as if the gates of heaven opened.

Of course, he played the music his own way (we cannot help being ourselves): it would not be the same as how the composer played it or anybody else for that matter. There would also be a differen…

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