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The World Looks Greener from the Other Side

The rain is gently falling outside,
and I am inside looking out the window.

The green outside has become much darker,
and in other cases, much more green.

I see seagulls soaring across the white, cloudy sky,
the plants swaying in the light breeze,
and the rain keeps falling over everything,
subtly and essentially.

I'd want to go out and
jump in a puddle or something,
not afraid to get my shoes or socks wet... dig into the dirt and
make a mud bridge through the puddle.
I still want to go to that playground and play.

when I go outside,
feeling the cold rain, made colder by the cold breeze, against my legs,
the sting of a mild frostnip,
and the exercise of distancing myself step-by-step away from the warmth of the cozy apartment,
I think of nothing but the return.

Back to the lonely place
searching for
the ungraspable perfection  and meaningfulness of remote possibilities.

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